Hi. I'm Logan.

I'm a full time software engineer, starting in 2013, with a strong technical background in .NET and MSSQL. I have a passion for helping others realise their potential and enjoy mentorship and elevating the abilities of my peers.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, I relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2022.

I am presently employed as a Senior Software Engineer at Entelect Netherlands but this website and the views depicted on it are entirely my own.

I'm a hobbyist photographer in my free time. I enjoy capturing depth, colour, and detail, and frequently use my photography to express my emotions.

My story

I have been interested in computers for as long as I can remember. My parents used to call me square eyes because of how much time I spent in front of a computer screen. I absorb knowledge on topics that interest me, so I quickly learnt how to use a computer and then spent the greater part of my childhood gaming!

I started out learning how to create maps in Warcraft III, then later on made gamemodes and scripts in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer to play with my friends. That sparked an interest in how regular old applications were made, and I started teaching myself C# and C++, writing little applications just to see what I could do with them.

By the end of high school I knew that I wanted to write code, so I applied to study Computer Science at a few universities. I landed up studying a Computer Systems degree through what was then known as CTI (which subsequently merged with Pearson Institute of Higher Education and is now known as Eduvos).

Not long after figuring out how much I love code, I figured out I have a love for photography as well. I bought my first DSLR (A Canon EOS 1200D) for a trip to Europe in 2014 and have been enjoying it as a hobby since.

I enjoy capturing images that give me inspiration and let me express my feelings.


This website is intended to be a portfolio of my creative work. It is entirely written by myself (save for some lovely Shoelace components), with the source available on Github. The photography on this site is synchronised from Adobe Lightroom because I'm lazy and don't like having to manage image files :)

Portrait of Logan Dam